ambassade de france – Nigeria

A responsible and educational attitude for a modern bioclimatic building

 Facades fit in well into Nigerian climate with ” light shelves “: fixed surfaces placed perpendicularly and horizontally along with windows, which allow direct protection from solar radiation and good natural lighting through the entire depth of rooms.   

Light shelves divide the window into two parts allowing a view into the distance. This type of indirect natural lighting system achieves an excellent light/energy compromise while allowing maximum natural ventilation. Consisting of a fixed awning painting on its upper face with a light-reflecting surface placed at ¾ of window’s height; it protects users from most of the direct radiation and helps maintain a satisfactory brightness level in the back of the room. 

In all sensitive poles, patios allow dual-aspect ventilation and night cooling as real wind towers derived from an accurate airflow study.

Design environmental process pursues the following methodological approaches: 

1. First, a sober approach carrying out work on minimizing the needs of each flows energy, water waste, maintenance, and upkeep. 

2. Architectural conceptual choices, envelope components, sustainable management system, robust, which maintain their technical functional and aesthetic properties, in time

3. Then an efficiency approach consisting of each technique to provide the best possible service for the minimum fluid consumption. (luminous efficiency for lighting, cold production)

4. Finally, a renewable approach consisting of using resources with the lowest possible impact on the environment, in particular, energy and water.

The work was an opportunity for formation and exchanges, always between local know-how, curiosity to learn and to train companions mixing materials in short circuits and those globalize.